When you consider decorating the property with premium quality materials, there are as few good options as wood. You can find different decorative items made of timber that would redefine the overall aesthetics of the room. From fancy chairs to shelves, you can make wood your primary choice.

The Importance of Awnings:

Along with furniture and fittings, there is one decorative item you might least expect to be made of wood. We are talking about wooden Venetian blinds. These are in high demand like never before, and the best thing is that they can match the structure and decoration of all types of property.

How to Choose the Perfect Venetian Blind For Your Property?

Before purchasing a wooden Venetian in Stoke-on-Trent for your home, it is important to consider some vital points. You can find them discussed in detail in the following part.

  • Measure the Slat Thickness: The standard measurements of the wooden venetians are 35 mm and 50 mm. These are also the most popular options to install in all types of rooms. Blinds with such slat thickness enable more light entry inside the room and enhance the aesthetics of Venetian blinds. The blinds with a 35 mm slat thickness can be a good choice for conservatories and other open spaces.
  • Consider the Style of the Venetians: Choosing the perfect wooden Venetian blind can sometimes be challenging. Upon considering some important factors, you can find the perfect choice for your property. If you tend to upgrade the style of your property more frequently, you can choose Venetian blinds with a natural appearance. White Venetians can also be a good choice for your property. If you have children or pets who may be sensitive to timber, you can try faux wooden Venetians.
  • Debate Between Curtain and Blinds: It is a choice that may put you into a fix. Curtains and blinds are the first choices of a homeowner when it comes to designing the property. Most people finalise the curtain as their go-to choice. They tend to ignore that Venetian blinds are less bulky and have less complex installation methods. When it’s about blocking the natural light in the living room, we would recommend going with Venetians.
  • Select the Right Colours: When choosing a blind, you must select the colours along with the material. While white blinds are the most popular choice, you can be creative in trying other options. The colour of the blinds will depend highly on the wall theme. If you have a monochromic shade, you should surely try the white blinds. It can be a great match for mid-Century properties and living rooms with a lounge.

These are some important things that you must judge before buying a wooden Venetian blind for your property. If you are looking for a well-known source offering top-quality wooden Venetians in Stoke-on-Trent, collaborate with Chantilly Blinds and Shutters. We have a wide range of blinds, Venetians and awnings that can match your property theme perfectly. For more information about our business, you can visit our website.